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What is a press brake?

The press brake machines used to bend and shape these parts, especially in large-scale metal production facilities, are very powerful machines. These machines, which help to bend different metal plates with very different properties in the areas they are used, can perform very sensitive operations. Bending operations, which are difficult or impossible to do with human power, can become much simpler with these machines. They can make things go faster and easier in the areas where they are used. They can be used for different purposes as they can produce power at different rates. The power produced by these presses is generally called tonnage. The most power generating types are hydraulic presses. Pneumatic and servo electric presses are used to produce less power.

As it is known, press machines take the lead among the most used machines in the enterprises serving in the field of industry. Many of these machines operate with human labor. In other words, the materials that the press will process are placed on the processing table by people. In press brake machines, on the other hand, the user places the material on the table and this machine, which works with computer control, does the rest. This means a much higher quality of work and error-free processing of materials. In these machines, which can be used in all kinds of metal production areas, the user gives the dimensions to be bent via the computer and the machine does the rest.

For What Purposes Is the Press Brake Used?
This machine, generally known as CNC-controlled sheet metal bending machine, can apply up to 500 tons of power. At the same time, they can process materials with widths between 1000 – 8000 mm. In these machines, there are upper and lower molds that perform the bending operations. They work very precisely to ensure that all materials can be bent millimetrically. In this way, operations are carried out with maximum precision without the need for human power or attention. In order for the bending operations to be carried out exactly as desired, the materials must be placed on the table in such a way that they do not move. Thanks to the press brake machines, which are known as one of the press machines where the most sensitive operations are made, bending operations without any margin of error can be done easily.

A press brake machine can be used in any business where metal bending operations are required. As is known, these transactions are made in many businesses. However, some operations need to be much more precise. It may be more accurate to use computer-controlled and high-precision machines, especially for bending operations that are difficult to do with human control. In such cases, press brake machines usually come to mind. In order for these machines to perform their bending operations smoothly, the bending apparatus and knives must be checked regularly. If they are changed at certain intervals, the highest quality productions can always be made. You can always get information from industryden.com for answers to all your questions about press brake machines.