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What is Agriculture?

Agriculture; It covers activities such as vegetable growing, fruit growing, farm and tobacco farming. Agriculture and livestock have been important for meeting nutritional needs since prehistoric times. Agriculture is the work of plowing the land and raising animals to grow and get crops. Garden and farm are important branches of agriculture in our country. Türkiye is suitable for agriculture due to its climatic conditions. No matter how much progress has been made in the field of industry, agriculture occupies a very important place. It should be noted that agriculture is not only vegetable and fruit cultivation, but also animal husbandry activities are in the category of agriculture. One of the most important branches of the agriculture category is organic agriculture. We will also talk about agricultural machinery, which plays an important role in the activity in the agricultural sector and also ensures the serial operation of the process. Buyers operating in this sector or in need of suitable agricultural machinery, who need second-hand agricultural machinery, can reach the advertisements under the agriculture & food category on industrialden.com.


What is Organic Agriculture?

Organic Agriculture is an agricultural system that aims to provide healthier and more natural food without the use of any chemicals. Organic Agriculture is preferred by consumers because it does not contain any chemicals and is a healthy food. In some regions, organic farming is understood as biological farming, ecological farming. In addition, the organic farming system, which has an important place in our country, also contributes to the country's economy.


What is Food?

It refers to any substance consumed by humans, whether processed, partially processed or unprocessed, excluding animals, unharvested plants, fodder, medicinal products used for treatment, cosmetics, tobacco and tobacco products that are not directly offered for human consumption. In addition, foods that have food safety, have not passed their expiry date, are preserved and comply with sales rules, have packaging and labels, do not carry physical and chemical risks, and are properly prepared and protected should be consumed.


Agricultural Machinery

The agricultural sector has a centuries-old history. We can say that the agriculture sector is the oldest sector in history. Agriculture is of course very important in terms of meeting basic food needs. It is possible to say that mechanization in agriculture has increased as a result of the continuing need in this sector, facilitating this process, and the migration of people from villages to cities. Milking Machine is an agricultural machine that accelerates the operation and performs this process in series during milking. For affordable milking machines, you can review the agriculture & food category on industrialden.com. For Zero Milking Machines or Second Hand Milking Machines, you can browse through various advertisements of many companies on industrialden.com. To give an example of another agricultural machine that is frequently preferred in fields such as fields and gardens in the agricultural sector, we can say the Tractor. You can view tractor prices, second-hand tractor prices, tractor trailers and tractor brands on our website.



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