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How To Use Boron Oil Pump.

Follow these simple steps to effectively use a boron oil pump in your home improvement projects:

1) Choose the right BORON MIXED PUMP type for your project - a disposable or long-term storage model is best suited for most uses.

2) Connect the hose between the plug on the back of the pump and the material you are trying to clean - this will determine the type of fuel you need (viscous or non-viscous).

3) Place the material on the spout at the back of the pump - then turn it on! BORON GAS will begin to flow through each pipe and into the pumped material, causing it to harden against liquid damage! Once cured, the material can be removed by force using an Allen key or similar tool; however, delicate work may require special care in shipping as some residual harmful chemicals may be left behind.

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