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Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems ensure that the air in the areas where they are used is both clean and natural. They must be used in public areas such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals or airports. In addition, they should definitely be used in businesses where dirty air can accumulate in order to ensure that people can be in healthier environments. They are used to evacuate the polluted air to the outside due to different reasons and to convey the clean air inside. Different substances accumulating in the air in paint shops, carpenters or areas where chemical processes are carried out can make that environment risky for human health. Different ventilation systems can be used to be protected from these problems and to create a clean environment. They can be applied to any environment easily, and they can clean the air continuously.

Fan Systems

Fan systems, which can be used for purposes such as heating, cooling or cleaning the air, take on important tasks in living spaces. These systems are created using fans of different sizes. The areas where they are used can be very different, and they also provide great comfort. Different fan systems can be used in all kinds of areas, from computers to automobiles. For example, when used in computers, the purpose is to cool the processor and other components. In the same way, they provide cooling of the engine part in automobiles and thus contribute to the longer life of all parts and the system. Fans of different sizes are used according to the operations to be carried out. Fans are used both to blow air and to take the air out.