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What is Gear Pump

Gear pump is an American device used to pump water or other fluids. Gear pumps are often found in home, office and industrial applications. They are particularly popular in the aquarium and pet industry as they can be easily replaced without having to remove the entire pump unit.

What are the Different Gear Pump Types?
There are several different types of gear pumps, but the most common is the hand pump. A hand pump is great for pumping water out of things like tires, plastic bags, and other items. It's also useful when filling your swimming pool or bathroom sink!

Hand Pump

The hand pump is the most common type of pump and is great for many purposes. It is easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere. It also has a built-in compressor to ensure you get the best results with your pumped solutions.

Pumped Tank Pump

Another popular type of pump is the pumped tank pump. This type of pump uses a tank to store solution or water and then a compressor to build pressure inside the tank. This type of pump can be used for more serious tasks like filling car tanks or taking care of larger rewards like irrigation systems or pet watering systems.

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