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Laser Cutting Machine Models and Prices

Industrial machines that use laser beams to cut many different materials such as metal, wood, plexiglass, felt or fabric for professional purposes are generally called laser cutting machines. These devices, which are widely used and required to operate with very flawless lines, enable them to be processed without using any design molds created in the computer environment, thus offering solutions at extremely low costs in the world of design and production. For laser cutting, which you can choose by comparing their features and prices for different purposes, you can examine the distinguished models of Sanayiden.com and make production more practical than ever with machines with domestic production assurance.

The fact that personalized designs are preferred in many products today enables devices that offer laser cutting solutions to be developed with highly personalized features, and naturally, a wide variety of cutting techniques or sizes can be seen in these machines.

Types of Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines that cut with CO2, that is, carbon dioxide gas, have low wattage glass and high wattage types with metal tubes. CO2 tube machines are used for cutting materials that are frequently used for design purposes such as plexi, wood, leather, felt, cardboard or fabric, and there are models with many different size options produced for this purpose. It may be possible to cut metal with these machines, but a fiber laser cutting machine is preferred for this purpose. This machine, which can also cut materials such as wood and plexiglass, can be used to cut mostly hard materials because of its high cost.

Although there are different laser cutting machines produced only for cutting plexiglass, these machines are in the group of CO2 tube machines. It is recommended to prefer large sized and metal tube machines for advertisers and sign makers who cut large pieces of material, and for souvenirs or hobby products, it is recommended to prefer medium and small sized and glass tube machines.

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Laser Cutting Machine Usage
The areas where the laser cutting machine is used are expressed as paper, plastic, wood (hobby crafting), cardboard, plexiglass, stainless steel, sheet metal, metal and aluminum. The variety of materials that can be processed with this machine is wide and it is possible to cut thick materials. Two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting techniques can be used with this machine, which is suitable for making different design styles. The laser cutting machine, which helps to achieve aesthetic and decorative looks, can be marked and patterned on the relevant material. At the same time, the mold of automobile parts and similar industrial products can be removed and mass production can be started. There is no need to repeat the same process in these cutting operations with zero error rate. The use of machine power instead of man power in production will prevent time loss.

What are the Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine?
The advantages of the laser cutting machine, which eliminates the cost of the mold, are quite high. These applications, which do not cause any deformation in the material, are known for being both fast and cost-effective. No roughness occurs on the relevant surface during and after cutting. During the design, different texts, logos, patterns or images can be used. Since the machine and the material do not come into contact with each other during laser cutting, there will be no situations such as bending, bending and stretching of the material. Due to its positive features, these machines are in high demand by individuals and institutions.

Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Types
The laser cutting machine with the latest features is diversified according to the cutting types. These include methods such as reactive cutting, thermal stretching, melt machining and evaporative cutting. Reactive cutting is also known as stabilized laser cutting gas burning or flame cutting. This method, which allows to cut more material with less laser power, cuts carbon steel thicker than 1 mm. Thermal stretching, on the other hand, is mostly used for glass cutting and allows for easier shaping of semi-rigid materials. High-pressure gas is preferred when cutting with the melt-processing method. Thus, the power requirement is even less. This method is generally more suitable for metal cutting. In another method, evaporative cutting, materials such as carbon, thermoset plastics and wood can be cut.

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