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What is Building Construction?

Constructions provide the expansion and continuity of societies with the aim of housing, urbanization, transportation, infrastructure and energy production in terms of human life. The construction sector is divided into three branches: building, infrastructure and industrial structure. The building includes residential and non-residential. Infrastructure includes public works, bridges, dams, highways and grid distribution. Industrial industrial buildings include production facilities. Construction is important in terms of carrying out many works at the same time.

Hardware Supplies

In general terms, small metal items such as nails, wires, locks are called hardware. Currently, due to the malfunction of a tool or object, the items used in the repair of these objects are called hardware. Hardware materials have a wide product range. Hardware; It includes products such as wood processing, garden equipment, hand tools, metal processing, wood cutting engine, welding machines, automotive products, cordless tools, pipe processing materials.

What is a Container?

It is used for container freight transportation and as a prefabricated modular building sector. Containers are preferred in the logistics sector for the protection, storage and safe delivery of products in international sea and road transportation. It is preferred for shelter, which has the appearance of a house in a prefabricated structure, which is another usage area of the container product.

Best Container Prices

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