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What is Pipe?

Pipes are cylindrical shaped materials with an empty middle part. Pipes are used during the transportation of liquids, gases and chemicals. As a result of the improvements made in pipe production, products with higher properties emerge over time.

What are the Pipe Types?

This product, which is one of the main materials used in pipe production, is gaining diversity. Steel pipes are the privileged pipes that come into our mix with their stainless feature, which is advanced in terms of features from the other pipe types we will explain. In addition to its stainless feature, steel pipes draw attention among other pipe types in terms of being resistant to high heat and impact. Aluminum pipes, which are generally preferred in power lines, are pipes that can be shaped easily. We can underline its high conductive properties. Copper pipes, which are the other pipe types we will mention with their high costs, are one of the pipe types that are generally preferred in cold and hot water transmission. Finally, we can say that PVC pipes, also known as hard plastic pipes, are one of the first pipes to come to mind for use in cold environments with their resistance to freezing. In addition to this feature, PVC pipes also minimize noise.


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