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How to Remove Grease with an Air Pump

An air pump is a device that uses air to remove grease and other oil from surfaces. The most common type of air pump is the portable diagnostic pump, which is used to remove grease from plumbing fixtures and other surfaces. Portable diagnostic pumps are usually powered by an electric motor or a hand-held pump.

An air pump can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use an air Pump to Remove Grease from Fixtures: To remove grease using an air Pump, first place the appliance on a clean surface so that all the greases are exposed. Place your fingers over the top of theGrease and push down as much as possible with your hand--it should easiest come off with just a few quick gasps of AIR! Keep your hands close together so that you don't disturbing any oils or grease inside the machine).

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