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The hose coupling, which is used as a pipe connection piece, is one of the products that attracts attention thanks to its resistance to high pressure. This tool, which is generally used for water transfer, can also be preferred for different liquids. The mouths of the records are a detail that you can choose depending on your intended use. In addition to direct-through designs, there are also key-edge alternatives. These tools, which are used during pipe passages in the installation sector, also vary in terms of the material they are made of. In addition to plastic hose fittings, there are also products made of stainless materials. The material from which the products are made affects the liquid pressure they can lift. Thinner and lighter materials are ideal for low pressure hoses. Heavy materials consisting of thick layers can be used at high pressures.

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Hose couplings in all kinds of materials are preferred in different sectors. Before completing your shopping, it is recommended to learn the pressure strength of the liquid in the place where you will install it. Thus, you can make the right choice by comparing this pressure with the durability of the record you prefer. You can achieve the most ideal results by choosing a record that can withstand pressures slightly above the fluid pressure you have. Thus, even if your fluid pressure rises due to a problem in the hose or pipeline, your record can protect itself against this increase. It prevents you from encountering problems such as abrasion or leakage.

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It is very important that these tools, which act as a link, adapt to where they are installed in order to function correctly. An overall fitting that is too small or too large for mounting can cause fluid to escape. If this is used in the plumbing system, it causes big problems. You can find a suitable fitting by taking the diameter measurement of the hose or pipes to which the product will be attached. You can contact the vendors of the product to learn more about hose union sizes. In this way, you can find the answers to all your questions, including diameter and size dimensions. There are records with many different size options at the vendors we meet with you as the industry. It's easy to find a product that offers exactly what you're looking for from a comprehensive range of sizes. You can take care of everything on our site, which is very easy to complete the shopping process.