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How To Use Pipe Cutters And Threaders In Daily Life.

Pipe cutters and threaders are great tools for cutting pipe tubing. To use a pipe cutter, hold the blade at an angle with the tip pointing into the pipe. Using the edge of the knife, cut the pipe starting at one end and working your way around.

To use a threader, place a cotton or nylon thread between two pieces of fabric and then hold one piece against the other to create a "bunny ear" shape. Create a chain-like effect by threading the string through one hole in the fabric and then through another hole in the fabric.

  How To Use The Threader To Sew Fabric.

Interlacing fabrics is another common task involving pipe cutters and threaders. To sew the threads together, start by placing one end of the fabric over another piece of fabric and zigzagging (or diagonally) across both pieces, being careful not to twist it too much while sewing. Next, separate both fabrics, leaving only the threads you need to sew together.

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