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What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize knife making and shaping. Using a cutting fluid (usually oxygen gas) as its energy source, plasma cutters can create incredibly complex shapes and designs with very little effort. This allows for quick and easy creation of intricate patterns, designs and knives that are both powerful and precise. Cnc plasma cutting blades are very sharp.

  How to do a Plasma Cut.
There are two main steps in plasma cutting: sintering and cutting. In sintering, the plasma cutter uses the heat from the gas to heat the metal so that it can be worked by the blade. The result is an extremely smooth surface that is much more resistant to wear and tear than conventional forging methods.

  What is the Workflow for Plasma Cutting?
After the metal is heated in sintering, it must be cut into small pieces using a sharp knife or mandrel. The pieces then need to be shaped using a knife or abrasive wheel. Once all shape needs are met, it's time to cut: The plasma cutter uses its energy to cut metal at high speeds, creating complex shapes that would otherwise require hours or even days of manual shaping.

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