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What is Camlock?

With this article, you can find answers to your questions under the titles of What is Camlock, Types of Kamlok. Camlock parts are products that are used on condition that they connect general or special hoses to the water supply. Similar to the hose couplings of the Camlock product, there are no power connections. Thanks to the camlock, we do not experience any problems such as disconnecting from the hose union during the pressure build-up. The water connection of the hoses has developed through the camlock material. It is preferred in hose installations and pressurized hose lines as it has maximum impermeability and fast assembly among its product features. You can see the camlock types below.


Type A Camlock

Type B Camlock

Type C Camlock

D Type Camlock

E Type Camlock

DC Type Camlock

DP Type Camlock

F Type Camlock



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