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forest products

Forest products are products obtained from trees or other forested areas. These materials can be used to make furniture, tools and more.

Forest products can be of a number of different types, including:

- Timber

- Glasses

- Stone

- Plants

Before you go out and explore nature, there are a few things you should know about forest products. These include:

- Timber is the main forest product type. It is made from dead trees, limbs, or other chopped and dried parts of a tree.

– Foliage is the outer layer of a tree or woody structure. It consists of leaves, branches, twigs and other parts.

- Glasses are made from the inside of trees. The exterior is called the cladding and typically looks like glass.

-Stone is also made from dead trees, branches, or other parts of the tree that are cut and dried. It can be used for buildings, monuments or other objects.

- Herbs are obtained from flowers, fruits or leaves that are cut from the plant and released into the soil or water. They can grow in any medium and can be used to make things like food or medicine.

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