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How to Make a Rubber Press

To make a rubber press, you’ll need some supplies and equipment. You’ll need a Rubber Stamp (or any other type of tool that will create impressions on rubber), a Container (to store the rubber stamps in), someone to help you with shaping the letters and numbers, and an oven or hot water pot.

In order to start making presses, you’ll first need to gather some scraps of paper. Cut out small circles or squares out of the scraps of paper, and then use them as templates for your press letters. Cut out pieces of plastic or metal that are about twice the size of your templates, and place them over the templates. Look for clamps or other methods to hold the metal plates in place while you pressing them into the scraps of paper. Finally, heat up the oven or hot water pot so it can start melting the plastic or metal scraps together. The mixture will startinking and creating PRESSES!

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