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What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the science that studies the basic structures of substances, the atoms that make up the same substances, and the properties of these substances. In addition, it aims to produce new products and substances with mixtures and reactions obtained from these substances. Currently, chemical science reveals artificial elements. The use of this information obtained in the production and industry environment brings 'industrial chemistry' into our lives. Industrial chemistry is the use of chemical science for production purposes for industrial purposes.

What are Industrial Chemicals?

As we have briefly explained above, the use of chemical science in the narrow sense in the field of production and industry is called industrial chemistry. Industrial Chemistry fulfills situations such as troubleshooting or organizing problems in production processes. It is used to eliminate the problems encountered in industrial production processes by producing solvents, removers, protectors and cleaners, industrial maintenance and cleaning chemicals. At the same time, it is aimed to meet these needs by producing industrial chemicals without the need for imports.

Mineral oils

Mineral oils; They can be classified as various such as industrial oils, engine, automotive oils and greases. Mineral oils are used in different areas such as hydraulic systems, lubrication of engines, chains, bearings and gears. Since the principles of use of equipment such as machines, devices, molds and apparatus are different, the types of mineral oils used are also different.

The Most Suitable Lubricants

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