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What is Nipple? How to Choose?

The nipple, which we can define as the connecting element used for metal pipes, can be in a structure consisting of gears on one side or two mouths, or it can be a reduction gear. 1/2, 3/4 and 1 etc. of these fasteners with an average length of 5-10 cm. There are different diameter options. It is extremely important that the nipple, which changes in length along with its diameter, is chosen according to the pressure in the area of use. In order to eliminate the problems that will occur if the correct nipple selection is not made, it is necessary to pay attention to details such as the production material as well as the size.
What are the Nipple Types?

It is possible to categorize the nipple, which can be selected according to the material it is produced, as follows:

Steel (black or galvanized)
Materials containing plastic
Stainless steel
If a choice is made from a structural point of view, it is seen that the nipple is divided as follows:

Hex nipple (hex)
hose end nipple
Stainless feature nipple
Stainless steel, which is the preferred nipple material in areas exposed to high temperatures, appears in devices such as ovens or microwaves. In addition to 316H class stainless steel, 316L also gives successful results for welding because it contains low carbon.

The nipple, which is suitable for both large and small diameter line laying, can be used to connect different structural elements such as check valve, strainer and valve. When it comes to large diameter lines, these connectors can be safety valves, measuring instruments and valves. Nipple, which is one of the salvage materials for plumbing systems, offers high quality works with stainless steel types in areas where corrosion resistance against water, oil and gas is needed. Where steel nipples are to be preferred, generally 304 and 316 grades are preferred, this material has higher resistance to corrosion and heat compared to 304 grade.

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