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What is Mechanical Sealing

Mechanical sealing is a type of construction that uses physical and/or electronic means to maintain the integrity of an object. Mechanical sealants are used in many different industries, including automotive, manufacturing, infrastructure/bridge maintenance, and energy storage.

Mechanical sealants can be used in a variety of ways:

- To protect against water infiltration: Sealant is applied to the entire object to be sealed and then screwed into place. This helps to prevent water from penetrating the object and causing it to fail.

- To prevent dust or other debris from entering: Sealing devices are placed on entrances and exits to objects, often near key areas where dust or debris could enter. This ensures that access is only available to authorized personnel.

- To protect against air infiltration: Mechanical sealants are placed over openings in objects, such as doors and windows. This helps to prevent air from entering the object and causing it to fail.

- To protect against fire: Mechanical sealants are often used in conjunction with fireproofing materials to create a sealed environment that is resistant to fire.

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