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What are Trailer and Truck Fasteners

When you need to attach a trailer or truck to the chassis, you use a fastener. A fastener is a metal or plastic Rod, Fuse, Bolt or Clamp that helps secure the trailer or truck to the vehicle.

There are three main types of fasteners: Trailer Fasteners, Truck Fasteners, and Trailer and Van Suspension Fasteners.

Trailer Fasteners: Used to connect trailers to trucks. They are made of metal or plastic and have a clamp on one end and a screw on the other. They work best when used in conjunction with a truck hitch.

Truck Fasteners: Used to connect trucks to trailers. It is made of metal or plastic and has two clamping devices on them, one for attaching the trailer tow bar to the truck bed and the other for attaching the trailer to the cab of the truck.

Trailer and Van Suspension Fittings: Used to connect trailers and pickup trucks. They come in different shapes and sizes - some have clamps on both ends, while others have only one clamping device per armature (the part that connects the trailer/truck to the chassis).

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