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40 Container

The 40 container, which is among the container types used for general purposes, is closed from all sides. The transport weight of these products, which are generally used for dry cargoes as standard, is less than a twenty kilogram container. However, in terms of volume, the carrying capacity is slightly higher. For this reason, 40" container size and 40" standard container size are considered the same. When looking at these dimensions, features such as maximum load weight, internal length, tare weight, internal width, capacity, internal height, door height and door width are taken into account. For these products, which mostly have a capacity of 67 cubic meters, the average tare weight is 3780 kg, the door width is 2340 meters, the inner width is 2350 meters, and the maximum load weight is 26700 kg.

40 Container Features
Generally used in international maritime transportation, 40 containers can have both general purpose and different uses. These containers, which are more suitable for long-distance transportation abroad, are very suitable for dry cargo transportation. Their long size makes them even more convenient. Container types with high loading capacity also have different sizes within themselves. In this way, it ensures that the products remain fresh without spoiling during long-distance transportation. The most commonly used dimensions for the standard size 40 container are 2392 meters in height, 12,029 meters in length and 2350 meters in width. Compared to the 20-inch models, they have a lower carrying weight, but they are more in volume.

40 Container Types
The most used 40 container types are divided into types according to their dimensions. These include types such as high cube, frozen, open top, platform, flatrack and flatrack collapsible. The 40 high cube container has similar features with the standard container. But not longer than that. When looking at the dimensions for this container, features such as interior length, maximum load weight, interior width, tare weight, capacity, door height, door width and interior height are taken into account. When other container types are examined, it is possible to see types with different characteristics such as higher load and longer protection period.

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