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Printing Machine Types and Prices

Machines and materials used in hot or cold lamination processes are offered to you in line with different options with their purposeful diversification, and both types of printing machines find themselves a wide place in different sectors. In order to buy lamination machines used in printing works in many fields, especially in printing, at the most affordable prices, there is no better option than Sanayiden.com's advertisements for professional service providers.

Hot and Cold Lamination Printing Machine
Cold lamination, which consists of an adhesive material that is used without glue, and a plastic film covered with a glossy backing, is a type of process in which the adhesive adheres directly to the material to be laminated with the removal of the glossy backing. This process, which is frequently preferred due to its lower cost compared to other methods, is performed with large and complex motor-driven printing machine models with features such as two rolls, high precision rollers between cold laminates, and adjustable roller pressure.

In general, cold lamination, which uses ink and paper that are not compatible with hot lamination, has increased in popularity with large format inkjet printers. Although it has a wide usage area with other materials, cold lamination processes using PVC with a large percentage can also be used outside the printing industry together with stainless steels, coated sheet glass or protective films.

Although it is possible to see that cold lamination machines are used more intensely among the printing machine types due to their economy and ease of application in printed materials such as photographs, hot lamination materials and methods can be used frequently according to the sector, and here is the Sanayiden.com variety that allows you to make your choice entirely in line with your own usage purpose. constitutes a significant advantage.

Other Types of Printing Machines
Screen printing, which is also called screen printing, is also a frequently used method, leading to the search for suitable printing machine types. After figuring, painting or writing on the silk fabric that functions as a sieve, the remaining parts are closed and the dye moving on the silk is allowed to pass to the desired floor.

It is possible to safely examine all our advertisements in order to closely examine the types of printing machines with different technical features and size options and to make reliable choices that are exactly suitable for your needs.