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 What is Dryer Filter-Compressor?

Dryer filters-compressors help keep your home clean and dry by trapping moisture and allergens that can cause dust, dirt or other allergens to build up. By doing this you can save on your energy bill and protect your allergies.

What are the Dryer Filter-Compressor Requirements?

In order to use a dryer filter-compressor, you must first have an air handling unit installed in your home. Second, you need to connect the filter compactor to the air handler via a "connecting pipe". Finally, you need to connect the connecting pipe to the dryer drum.

Dryer Filter-Compressor Installation.

If you are having trouble installing a dryer filter-compressor, please refer to our installation guide for more tips and advice. By following these steps, you can enjoy clean rooms and healthy homes while saving on your energy bill!

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