Cordless Strapping Machines can be used in all industries. Siat GT – XTREME is extremely easy to use. You can quickly strap products.

Cordless Strapping Machine SIAT GT XTREME – Cordless Strapping Machines are the easiest and most practical machines to use. It is used for bonding Polyester Straw PET and Polypropylene Straw PP. Although there are differences according to the models, the general principle does not change. It automatically performs stretching, welding, cutting and cooling processes with the given command. Siat will best provide these actions with the GT – XTREME model. Siat meets all needs for Turkey with 5 different models. The circle, which is circulated vertically or horizontally around the product, is placed in its place in the machine. Siat GT – XTREME When the button is pressed, it stretches until the set tension is reached. It makes the boiling with the second button pressed when the set tension is reached. Simultaneously, it cuts the circle coming from the coil. It waits for the cooling time proportional to the boiling time and gives a signal that it has completed the process. When Siat Gt – XTREME is used in automatic mode, it automatically performs all these actions with the push of a button. Siat GT – XTREME takes energy from its battery. Boiling is done by friction method. The boiling mechanism presses down on the circles. It also creates heat by moving left and right. It's like the heat generated when we move our palms up and down when we're cold. In this way, the two circles stick together. Hoops connected by a correct welding process are more robust than hoops connected with other fasteners. As Fabray, SIAT Turkey is ready for service with GT-Smart Plus, GT-One Plus, GT-H19, GT - XTREME and GT - MAX models. Rechargeable Circle Machine Usage Areas All Polyester Strapping PET and all Polypropylene Strapping PP products can be connected with Cordless Strapping Machines. A Cordless Strapping Machine to be selected according to the type and type of strap to be used is used in all industries.

automotive  Sub-Industry Manufacturer o Spare Parts Seller Metal  Aluminum Profile Sheet Roll Manufacturer Hair Roll Sheet Manufacturer  Sheet Roll Slicer  Metal Injection Manufacturer  Casting Part Manufacturer Forest Products  Chipboard MDF Manufacturer  Timber Log Processing Parquet Paneling Building pumice  Stone Tile Brick  Ytong  Marble Household appliances  White Goods Production oWhite Goods Sub-Industry food  Citrus  Dry Food Legumes Food Delivery Textile Bale Tops  Wool Fiber Material  Garment Paper Cardboard  Corrugated Cardboard Parcel Paper Cardboard Manufacturer  Press Release Printing Press Coal Chemical  Medicine  Chemical Substance Plastic E-Commerce Electrical Electronics Retail Cordless Circle Machine Types Cordless Strapping Machines vary in terms of tensioning forces and strapping widths. There are alternatives of different brands in the market. Machines operating with strap widths between 13 mm and 16 mm are generally at a tensioning force of 2000N. Machines working with straps between 16mm and 19mm have a tensile strength of 2400-2500 N. Machines operating in widths of 19 mm and above can reach 6000N maximum tensioning force levels. Some of the Cordless Circle Machines can be adjusted according to different ring widths by adjusting from two points or by changing the parts. Others remain constant at the strapping width from which they are produced. The decision maker on which type of machine we will buy is the product we will be strapping. Before buying a machine, we need to determine which type and size of circle we will use. Of course, how much we should stretch this circle is also an important criterion. You can find Siat Turkey, GT-Smart, GT-One, GT-H19, GT-Xtreme and GT-Max models at Fabray Industrial Packaging Systems.

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