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Drill Types and Prices

Drill types, which come in quite different and unique models depending on the purpose and area of use, make daily work as well as industrial fields and production branches very practical, fast and comfortable. Seeing the wide range of products enriched with various features in addition to the reasonable price options in all drill advertisements on Sanayiden.com is one of the aspects that make our customers extremely satisfied.

Most Commonly Used Drill Types
Small bodied and average weight of 5 kg. Drilling machines, which are used for daily use, are called hand drills, and these daily use devices, which are advantageous with their features such as stepless adjustment of the number of revolutions, are also quite light in structure. Hand drills, which are preferred to be used in almost every assembly or maintenance and repair process, can successfully drill fine-structured concrete, stone and metal surfaces despite their small size.

The table drill or table bench, which is another of the high demand drill types on our pages, consists of systems that are fixed on a stand, and it is possible to drill steel materials with these drills and to get effective results because they are fixed on a floor despite their small structure. Table drill machines, which have two different sub-categories in themselves, can be belt-pulley system or speed box, in the first one, the period of changing the number of revolutions is relatively long. The speed of this type of drill is staggered because it is used in small diameter drilling.

Column drill stands, one of the models that are frequently encountered in workshops, allow large-scale works to be drilled in various positions. In addition to the movable work table, rapid deterioration can occur in these systems due to the sensitivity of the machine, and it is important to make your choice in favor of quality in order to avoid undesirable negative situations.

You can view the advertisements on our pages right now to see the model you are looking for in all types of drills at prices you do not expect and to examine them in detail or to obtain transparent and comprehensive information about the details you are curious about. In addition to workshops and workshops, you can now get help from professionals on our pages to choose drills with the highest material quality, which are indispensable for daily use or small-scale product drilling.