FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery
FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery
FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery
FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery
FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery
FD180 FREEZE DRYER, Food Machinery

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High Volume Freeze Dryer,

FD180 It is an industrial Freeze Dryer machine designed for large-scale commercial uses.

It is suitable for large volume production with 180 kg ice holding capacity and >100 kg product loading capacity.

As with other models, you can design creative products and produce the foods of the future with the FD180.

FD180 Technical Specifications Ice Capacity (kg/lot): 180 kg

Wet Product Loading: (kg/lot)110 / 150

Origin: Made in Türkiye


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Methodology: Lyophilization; It is a process that combines the benefits of freezing and drying to obtain a dry, active, long shelf life and easily soluble product. Lyophilization devices are devices used in the production of freeze-dried drugs and foods. Pharmaceutical Sector, blood plasma, vaccines and antibodies, enzymes, hormones and proteins, penicillin, erythocyte and serum, viruses and bacteria, other biological products, some tissues for use in organ transplantation are stored by lyophilization method.

Research Laboratories, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pathological specimens and cultures, vaccines, antibodies, antibiotics, blood plasma, proteins, enzymes and hormones, viruses and bacteria. Nutrasotics (Food extract), antioxidants, aloe vera, echinacea, mussel and shark cartilage, algae, seeds, tea and wheatgrass. Starter Cultures, cheese, yogurt, meat and probiotics. What is Lyophilization and a Lyophilizer? Lyophilization, which is a technique that enables the drying of the material, first makes it possible to freeze the water contained in the products. Then the water is removed by sublimation. Sublimation, which allows the substance to pass directly from the solid-state to the gas state, eliminates the melting process of ice. Devices that enable the application of technology that has been used since the 1900s are called lyophilizers. Although lyophilizers are different from each other due to their features, the basic logic is the same in each lyophilizer.

Lyophilizer Models : The lyophilizer, which has a very important mission in the medical field, stands out with its different models. We can say that it is generally used for the following purposes with its features and qualities: To prevent aggregation and particle formation. To support the stability and effectiveness of drugs To ensure easy storage of medical products To provide sterile production facilities Minimizing product damage Each of the above points is known as the areas where lyophilizers are used, and each of the models makes it possible to store medical products quickly and without any problems.



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