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Guillotine Shears

Guillotine scissors, also called paper cutting machine, have similar features with standard scissors used in daily life. This product, which is especially preferred by stationery and printing houses, differs in terms of brand and model. The guillotine shears used to save time have double blades. In these knives, which are divided into two parts as movable and fixed, the upper one is movable and the lower one is fixed. Depending on the characteristics of the sheet to be cut, there is a gap between the two blades. With the development of the computer system, cuttings are carried out by computer. The guillotine shear cut is made by entering the data related to the metal into the computer environment. With computer counting management, it is determined how much the metal will be cut. For this reason, the cutting capacity of the guillotine shears is quite large. Therefore, the production dimensions also differ. Thus, mass production can take place without error.

Use of Guillotine Shears
Guillotine shears, which have a wide range of uses in different manufacturing industries, can be preferred for retail or wholesale product design. In addition, it can be used for more efficient production of metal products in production or metalworking workshops. In this way, the guillotine shears can become part of a tool set with new plasma cutting. Today, although a significant part of the production process has become automatic with technological developments, human labor is required in manual machines. With the guillotine shears used, such operations become more reliable. The use of guillotine shears, which allows metal sheets to be customized for customers in different areas, makes it possible to cut hard metal more easily. This product, which offers error-free cutting in a short time, helps to make millimetric cuts.

Guillotine Shear Types
Guillotine scissors, which have the features of converting A4 paper to A5 paper, are divided into types such as kw trio guillotine A4, rubenis guillotine metal A4, maped sliding guillotine A4 universal, maped arm guillotine A4 universal and maped expert a3 16 page arm guillotine. Before choosing among these products, the prices and models of guillotine shears should be compared with each other, and the one that suits the needs should be preferred. Thus, the desired product can be purchased among the guillotine shears without straining the budget.