HML 30W PULSE FIBER LASER, Laser Cutting Machine
HML 30W PULSE FIBER LASER, Laser Cutting Machine

HML-30W is a system produced for laser marking of metal, plastic and leather products in production line systems, automation systems, sprinkler pipe and irrigation pipe production lines. With its professional cabinet security system, it is a functional, spacious, easy to transport and install, and compact system. Transactions are made via an external computer and the user is provided with great convenience. Its very low energy consumption and cooling requirements and its virtually maintenance-free nature make the laser system the perfect choice for marking. HML-30W Laser Marking System consists of 120cm Z Axis, 50cm Y Axis, Fiber Laser Source, Fast Galvo Head, Control Panel with Linux Operating System and Turkish Software. Special cabinets are optionally produced to be fully compatible with your production line and automation system.

-Maximum line speed 400m/min.

-Turkish language option

- Receiving external data over Ethernet

- Fully compatible with line automation

-External start / stop signal, external encoder connection, meter reset, emergency stop output, meter value output

- Marking suitable for cylindrical surface

-External shape, logo capability

- Ability to draw shapes on the program

- Ability to change the design without stopping production

-Communication feature via serial port

-Variable number/date/time printing feature

-Barcode / QRcode generation

- Ability to print Unicode symbols

- Ability to add symbols to the Unicode symbol library

-Filled or single line font selection feature

-User friendly interface


- 7'' touch screen compatible with mouse

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