LMT-DVK-50W is a system produced for laser marking of all kinds of metals and metal alloys, coated and painted metal, many plastics used in industry and different materials. It is a compact system that is easy to transport and set up. Transactions are made via an external computer and provide great convenience to the user. Very low energy consumption, consumable-free structure, harmless to health and environmental friendliness make the laser system an excellent choice for marking. Fiber Laser LMT-DVK-50W laser marking system consists of Fiber laser source, fast laser head and LMCAD (TURKISH) laser marking software. Optional equipment offered by LazerMarket (laser marking cabinet, divisor, vice, rotary table, x-y table, semi-automatic and fully automatic Z axis) can be included in the system. It can be integrated into any computer laser system containing basic configurations. Laser marking software LMCAD can be used on any computer with any operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista…). It can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The software to be used by the operator is licensed LMCAD software and is provided by us with the machine. LMCAD software is the most powerful and flexible software used in laser marking today. LMCAD performs all laser marking tasks such as creating, editing, controlling, marking and automation of the shape or text to be marked. LMCAD software includes the following features:

• Password protected security shield-Only the operator can interfere with the specified operation.

• Multiple jobs running at the same time - One click of the mouse can switch between jobs.

• Background pattern - more convenient identification of the marking area by placing a picture of the material to be marked in the background.

• Marking fullness - Setting different fill levels to the shape or text to be marked to improve the quality of the marking.

• The ability to clearly determine the point to be marked with the pilot laser.

• Ability to see the shape to be marked with the pilot laser as a shape, not as a clear square.

• Adobe Illustrator (*.ai), EMF (*.emf), DXF (*.dxf), JPEG (*.jpg), GIF (*.gif), PCX (*.pcx), and Windows Bitmap (*. bmp), TIFF(*.tiff) graphics.

• Detect and apply horizontal or vertical text, barcode, automatic date setting-AutoDate-, serial printing operations, hole punching.

• Direct marking from external data (eg excel, Word, text file).

• Exact application of fonts.

• Scaling, moving, rotating, grouping the object on the screen.

• Precise application of laser parameters.

• Automation commands can be created easily.

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