Siat Carton Tape Machine They are machines that do the job of closing the lids of the boxes with adhesive duct tape.

The parcel enters the machine via the conveyor. The two doors of the box upstream of the machine are folded by a mechanism, piston or a movable mechanism. Another mechanism on the machine folds the other two covers. The parcel with its lids folded reaches the banding head of the machine in a closed position. While moving on the conveyor, it is sealed with duct tape from both the top and bottom sides. The box belt machine consists of a banding head, a conveyor integrated with the machine, and a main body. Carton Tape Machine Head Section It is the mechanism to which the duct tape is attached. It touches the necklace. Glues the duct tape, rubs it for good adhesion and cuts the tape. It is set manually or automatically. Machine Running Conveyor. It is on the machine chassis. It consists of metal rolls. It is the carrier system for the parcel. The movement of the parcel is provided by a belt or roller driven by a motor. This drive unit is located at the bottom and top or on the sides. Parcel Band Machine Chassis Section It is the part on which all units are located. It is offered as painted or stainless. According to the machine equipment; It can be mounted on sections such as head, conveyor, drive unit, motor, fuse, pneumatic unit, cover closing units. Function of Fully Equipped Parcel Tape Machine A fully equipped Siat Carton Tape Machine works as follows; Only the filled box comes to the machine via the conveyor. The machine takes the box to the middle center with two pneumatic arms. The machine encloses the box with driven side belts or driven lower - upper rollers. The two doors upstream of the machine are automatically folded by a mechanism or piston and a movable machine arm. Then, the side covers of the parcel are folded while passing through a mechanism. Siat Box Taping Machine Upper Head detects the box height and moves to the appropriate position. The parcel passing between the lower and upper head is taped.

The Most Basic Box Tape Machine Function On the most basic duct tape machine, one person easily adjusts the height of the case manually, and simply adjusts the side guides. It gives all the boxes of the same size to the machine with the covers folded, and the machine performs the banding of the boxes. Advantages It tapes the upper and lower sides of the parcel very quickly. Earnings from labor. It can do more work than 3 people can do. Time gain. Controllable amount of tape. The machine sticks the parcel using tape of the exact length you set each time. It provides packaging standard in your boxes.   Siat Box Banding machine is equipped with options according to your needs and is offered to your service with Fabray in Turkey. Technical service, installation and user trainings are also provided by Fabray. Our Parcel Banding Machine Services Sakarya, İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Bursa, Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy, Çorlu, İzmit, Kocaeli, Gebze, Bilecik, Adana, Antalya, Mersin, Hatay, Ankara, Black Sea Region, İzmir, Balıkesir and all other cities in Sakarya given from. Major Siat Carton Tape Machine Models SIAT SK20 SIAT SM2-I SIAT S8 SIAT S8 RANGE SIAT S8/4 SIAT S8/1 SIAT S08 SIAT XL35 RANGE SIAT XL35S SIAT XL34/4-S SIAT S26 SIAT SR46 SIAT SR20 SIAT SM46 11 SIAT XL1 -I SIAT SM 11/4 SIAT SM116 SIAT SA11 Box banding machines are also referred to by the following names. duct tape machine case banding machine duct tape machine case banding machine Mas tape machine Mas 670 case banding machine Excell parcel tape machine case closing machine

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