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What is Seeder

There are many types of sowing and planting machines, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few examples:

1. Sowing Machines - These machines are used to sow seeds directly into the soil. The seeds are then watered and the machine automatically applies fertilizer to the Seeds to help them grow. This type of machine is typically used for vegetables, flowers or fruits.

2. Mechanical Seeders - These machines use gears and power to mechanically plant seeds into the soil. Such machines are often used for crops that require more attention than other types of machines, such as vegetables or flowers.

3. Thread Seeders - Another type of seeder that uses rotating gears to sow seeds into the soil. This machine is generally used for pulses (small lots) of crops that need to be transported frequently; This kind of machine is also known as cultivator or tree planter.

4. Irrigation and Fertilization Machines - There are also water and fertilization machines that can be used alone or together with other planting and planting machines, depending on the needs of your product.


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seeder for sale

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