STOCK BUNKERS, Mining Machinery
STOCK BUNKERS, Mining Machinery

The stock bunker is designed for the storage of bulk products and raw materials produced in industrial facilities. Since it provides a capacity of up to 150m³, it provides superior success in stocking. Thanks to the outlet covers equipped with pneumatic pistons, it discharges directly to the truck without the need for any other equipment or vehicle. Thus, it also provides ease of shipment. By placing a sieve on it, it can be fed with the help of a chute without using a conveyor. It is also called loading bunker in the market.


High Capacity Stock Bunker Loading bunkers can be produced in various volumes, starting from 25m³ to 150m³, as required by the process. Thanks to its strong bearing steel structure and high-strength bunker body and additions, it provides trouble-free use for many years. In the last stage of the process, they undertake the task of stocking the materials that turn into products. They are filled with belt conveyors or sieve troughs positioned on them.

Pneumatic Caps Thanks to the covers equipped with pneumatically controlled pistons placed at the bunker outlet, the stocked material can be easily emptied with a single button. Pneumatic pistons are responsible for keeping the outlet covers locked in the closed position and opening the cover as fast as possible for discharge. When the pneumatic pistons push the caps to stop the discharge, the front of the flowing material is designed in such a way that the circular cross section cap stops the flow surface with a grasping action. Thus, the cover can easily stop the flow of the material without being damaged.

Direct Loading Loading can be done directly on the truck without the need for a different vehicle such as a belt conveyor or a loader. This allows to avoid additional expenses such as diesel, electricity, personnel and maintenance. The distance between the feet and the height of the outlet mouth from the ground are produced in such a way that a truck can directly enter under it. Anti-Abrasion The lower part of the bunker is in the shape of a funnel. The stocked material is poured from the outlet cover thanks to its natural flow on the angular surface of this funnel. However, if this stocked material has a highly abrasive structure, then the flow surface can be covered with hardox plates with high abrasion resistance. Thus, the service life of the bunker is further extended. The hardox quality and thickness to be used is decided according to the material to be stocked. Countersunk connection bolts are used for the hardoxes to be used. Thus, problems such as wear and breakage do not occur, since the head of the connecting bolts will not protrude during operation. It is quite easy to replace these plates in case of wear. Against Clogging A low-power vibromotor can be placed in the middle of the outlet covers, in case the stocked material becomes clogged in the outlet cover. Thanks to the vibration movement created by this vibromotor, the natural flow is reinforced, allowing the material to flow more comfortably.

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