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How to Use Compressor.

how to use compressor

To use the compressor, follow these simple steps:

  check air pressure

Before using the compressor, make sure the air pressure is at or above atmospheric pressure. The higher the air pressure, the more compression the compressor can do. To find your air pressure, refer to a standard atmospheric compressor gauge or consult a pump technician. Please note that some compressors come with built-in gauges to measure air pressure so you do not have to CHECK THE AIR PRESSURE BEFORE USING THE COMPRESSOR.

! Non-gauge compressors can still be used if you know how much psi (pounds per square inch) of compression you want. However, the indication information may not be correct and the compressor may overcompress.

Connect the compressor to the electrical outlet

Connect the compressor to an electrical outlet using a standard type connector (Type C). Make sure the connector is female and there are no obstructions between the compressor and the outlet.

turn on the compressor

To start the compressor, turn on the power of your device or device by plugging it into a power outlet and turning it on. Once it boots up, wait for it to turn on automatically (usually about 20 seconds). If you encounter any problems with starting or running the compressor, consult your appliance or your pump technician.

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