360° L IN-PIPE SANDBLASTING NOZZLE, Sandblasting Spare Parts
360° L IN-PIPE SANDBLASTING NOZZLE, Sandblasting Spare Parts

PTC-360° L type in-pipe blasting nozzles are designed to clean the inside of pipes ranging from 3/4" to 2". The nozzle is used by replacing a standard nozzle in the sandblasting machine. During operation, the PTC-360°L nozzle directs the air and abrasive mixture to a deflection tip. This tip causes the spray pattern to advance in a wide, circular pattern clearing the inside of the pipe as it passes through the nozzle. The working area is 200 mm in length. Fits all Contracor nozzle holders.

Highly wear-resistant angle blasting nozzles are made of Tungsten carbide (TC).

Service Life: 400 hours

Jacket: Aluminum

Thread: Aluminium, 50 mm for NHP nozzle holder

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