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What is Humidification System?

Humidification System is a system that aims to air-condition indoor areas due to various factors and is applied in these areas in order not to be affected by climate changes and natural environment. Humidification systems have a very important place due to climate possibilities. It ensures that products preserved in air-conditioned indoor environments can survive for a long time without physical deterioration. In addition, plants grown in indoor environments where plants are grown in areas such as industrial gardens, botanical gardens and greenhouses can also get their needs from the air through their leaves, and the irrigation need of plants grown in such areas decreases in direct proportion. Humidification systems are very effective in adjusting the water spring level in closed areas that will not be affected by climatic conditions and natural environment.

What is Nozzle?

Nozzles are placed on the pipe or on the end of the pipe, and are used in liquid spraying in various environments. This product can be in one piece, as well as in the form of several pieces. At the same time, different pressures and connection types may vary according to the product.

Nozzle Types?

  1. material; plastic, metal etc.
  2. compressive strength; low, medium, high pressure
  3. Connection style; gear, jack etc.
  4. spray amount; 30gr/min-1000gr/min etc.
  5. spray pattern; linear, circular, fan


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