LATHE CRAFT CR3290DK DIGITAL, Cnc Machines And Cnc Ads
LATHE CRAFT CR3290DK DIGITAL, Cnc Machines And Cnc Ads

CR3290 DK Universal Lathe
Engine Power 1.5 kW, 400 V
Diameter above bench 320 mm
Diameter Over Bridge 430 mm
Diameter on Cart: 190 mm
Bench Width 181 mm
Distance Between Centers 920 mm
Speed 65-1800 rpm
Tier 18
Spindle Taper MK5
Spindle Nose D1-4
Spindle Diameter 38 mm
Transverse Support Movement 85 mm
Cross Support Movement 162 mm
Traveling Tailstock Taper MK3
Traveling tailstock movement 100 mm
Linear Feed 0.052-1.392 mm/rev
Transverse Feed 0.014-0.380 mm/rev
Metric Pitch Ratio 0.4-7 mm
Inch Pitch Ratio 4-56
Pen Holder Dimension 16x16 mm
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1985x750x1320 mm
Weight 410 Kg


Version with 2 axis digital coordinate reader
Compliant with CE norms
Mirror visor with safety switch
Emergency stop button
Hardened and ground bearings
Siemens electrical system
Foot brake
Mirror and pen holder visor
Cooling system

3-legged mirror Ø 160 mm
4-legged mirror Ø 200 mm
Flat mirror 250 mm
fixed bed
traveling bed
MK3 rotary tailstock
MK3 fixed tailstock
Reduction sleeve MK5/MK3
dental watch
4 way pen holder
Halogen lamp
replacement gears

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