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What is a Piston Compressor?

A reciprocating compressor is equipment used to create air pressure in an engine or machine. It consists of two parts: the piston and the compressor. The piston is a metal disc placed in the compression chamber. Compressed air will be forced through the disc, which will create pressure inside the chamber. These types of compressors have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer many advantages over conventional compressor types, such as lower noise levels, fast start-up times and longer life.

How Pistons Work
Piston compression works using a piston action that pushes compressed air down. This movement causes small gas bubbles to form in the air, and this gas mixture expands when pressure is applied. As soon as enough gas bubbles form, they begin to expand exponentially and push more oxygen and nitrogen into solution (H2O). This expansion process provides greater surface area to compress the air, resulting in reduced noise level and faster start-up times for typical reciprocating compressors.

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